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Waste Audit Yields Big Saving on Garbage Hauling

This apartment complex in Livermore, California is a garden-style apartment complex. When property management wanted to reduce their waste disposal expenses and increase their recycling to comply with California regulations like SB 1383, they asked WasteXperts for help. WasteXperts performed a waste audit for the complex that resulted in a big monthly saving on garbage hauling as well as a big enough increase in their recycling rate to comply with the law.

Saving on Garbage Hauling and Increasing Recycling

Waste Audit found $1846 Saving on Garbage Hauling Expense

The waste audit found several inefficiencies that caused their recycling rate to be at only 7.7%. And the garbage hauling costs were $3,700 higher than they needed to be since they were hauling all that recycling as garbage. By retaining the services of WasteXperts, the complex’ recycling shot up to 54.5%, they eliminated a noisy garbage compactor that required many hours per week of the maintenance staff, and they gained a big monthly saving on garbage hauling. Even after the expense for WasteXpert‘s services, they saved $1,846 a month ($22,152 per year) – more than a 30% cost reduction! Additionally, the property maintenance staff no longer needed to do compactor maintenance or bin pushing and pulling, which freed up at least 14 hours per week of their time.


  • 1 Twenty (20) yard compactor
  • 14 hours / week by property maintenance staff to run compactor
  • Serviced One Time / Week by garbage hauler
  • $6,027.15 Monthly for garbage hauling
  • 7.7% Recycling


  • Five four-yard containers
  • Serviced one time / week by garbage hauler
  • Serviced three times / week by Wastexperts Inc
  • $2,334.40 Monthly for garbage hauling
  • 54.5% Recycling

Waste Audits Will Help Your Property Save

By utilizing our services, our clients are able to take advantage of our extensive experience to minimize garbage, increase recycling and reduce overall operating expenses thus increasing revenue and profits. These savings are not only seen in the monthly garbage bills but also on the overall efficiency and productivity of a property’s maintenance team. Contact us to request a Waste Audit

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