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Optimizing our clients waste / recycling programs one property at a time...

Wastexperts realizes that the world is a small place and we all live in it together. We strive to be a company that helps help make a difference in our communities and the overall environment itself.

Since 1992 Wastexperts has been optimizing waste and recycling programs for its clients to ensure that properties are running at maximum efficiency levels. Our goal was and is simple…help our clients minimize waste while maximizing diversion / recycling. In most instances, by increasing diversion, Wastexperts has been able to save its clients a significant amount of money. In addition to actual cost savings, clients benefit from the intangible benefits of minimizing, and at times eliminating, the time and resources that maintenance teams spend on trash and recycling issues.

Originally focused primarily on multifamily dwellings, Wastexperts has been able to expand its programs into all property types that include but are not limited to: commercial office, retail and industrial buildings. Regardless of the challenge and/or property type, Wastexperts can implement a customized program that delivers results.

Rather than trying to convince our prospective clients on the value that Wastexperts brings, we allow our current clients and reputation to speak for us.

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