On-site Recycling

Our on-site recycling service transforms your property into a leader of eco-friendly operations, exemplifying how even the largest properties can easily and cost-effectively serve their communities and the environment. Our Bag Programs, educational materials and on-site recycling management also ensure compliance with all local regulations, helping you lead your community to a greener, more sustainable future.
Green Bag Program
Blue Bag Program
On-site Sorting
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Install bag dispensers and 3-gallon BPI certified/CMA approved compostable green bags
Manage all cart movement and staging for resident access and collection service
Monitor and remove contamination, ensuring organized bins and staging areas
CA SB 1383 compliant program — required education materials provided

Green Bag Program

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Provide residents with 13-gallon bags and dispensers for comingled recycling
Allows for separation in mid-rise and high-rise properties with a single chute
Monitor and remove contamination, ensuring organized bins and staging areas
Improves operations, reduces maintenance resources and increases tenant convenience

Blue Bag Program

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Provide loose and per-item sorting of all material in containers
Compliant with San Francisco Refuse Separation Ordinance (RSO)
Certified Zero Waste Facilitator in the City of San Francisco
Minimize contamination, optimize recycling rate


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Success Story

How we helped one company reduce Waste Disposal expenses by 24%

This apartment complex in Woodland Hills, California is a five-floor mid-rise apartment complex with 395 units, three trash rooms, and trash chute rooms on each floor. WasteXperts helped this property reduce waste disposal expenses by $61,000 per year.
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What our clients are saying.

We're proud to have our clients and customers stand by us.
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“The WasteXperts team provides affordable, fast and easy bulky item hauling to our properties and it has been an AMAZING addition"
- Shelly, Regional Property Manager
AMC Apartment Management
The liability that is removed from the on-site maintenance staff, combined with the convenience and time savings has been significant. The workers are professional, friendly, and reliable...."
- Sephanie, Community Manager
Essex Property Trust
"We get great value from WasteXperts’ Inc.  Over the last 10 years, we are beyond pleased with the work the company and employees have been doing for our communities and our environment."
- John, Resource Manager
Essex Property Trust
“WasteXperts services have saved our maintenance teams on countless hours of labor each week. Their team is efficient, friendly and reliable. We are very happy with their service.”
- Trish, Facilities Director
Everyone Benefits
Property Owners/Managers
Streamlining your trash and recycling logistics is one of the most effective ways to simplify operations, save on costs and improve the aesthetics of your property.
Maintenance Staff
Allows staff to dedicate more of their time and attention to what matters most — ensuring tenants are safe, comfortable and happy.
Properties benefit most when tenants are happy. A cleaner building and more attentive staff not only raise tenant morale, but elevate your property’s standing in the community.
The Environment
Gone are the days when caring for the environment meant sacrificing time, money and resources. Doing what’s right for the Earth is now economically friendly too. Let us show you how.

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