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Illegal Dumping at a San Mateo Apartment Complex

The apartment complex in the heart of San Mateo is a garden-style apartment complex with 150 units. It’s in a bustling neighborhood with many residents prior to COVID commuting into the city on a daily basis. Because of its centralized location it was ideal for resident commuters, but unfortunately it also became the target of frequent illegal dumping.

The Problem

Maintenance workers at this complex would often start their day by seeing the accumulation of discarded junk on the property left by illegal dumping overnight. Because it was a garden-style complex, they were unable to install fences and could not undertake the cost of security cameras. The problem was compounded by the property’s inability to remove the bulk items previously left before more would collect. Tenants complained to management about the garbage piles, while some tenants contributed to the problem by adding their own junk to the pile. Property management was also concerned about the safety of residents and staff because of the unknown origin and what might be hidden within. As can be seen in the photos, there was a variety of items left including refrigerators, ranges, other appliances, mattresses, furniture, and other garbage.

Bulk Item Hauling Solves and Prevents Illegal Dumping

To solve the problem, WasteXperts proposed unlimited bulk item hauling for the property. For a fixed monthly rate, the property was able to have all their bulk items on the property removed in a timely manner. WasteXperts was already providing waste sorting services for the property and was able to provide this as an added service. Otherwise, the property would’ve had to bring on an additional vendor and would’ve been billed for each item removed. Because of WasteXperts frequency on the property, we were able to quickly remove bulk items instead of letting them pile up over time. While the beautification of the property was immediate, the significant reduction in illegal dumping was the long-term effect the property was most pleased with.

Illegal Dumping is No Longer a Problem

Over the past few months, because of bulk item hauling the property has seen a vast improvement for both residents as well as staff. This problem facing the property has been completely taken over and handled by Wastexperts, resulting in these additional benefits to the complex:

  • Maintenance has been able to focus on more critical issues.
  • The property has been better able to handle their waste streams without bulk items taking up room in their bins.
  • There is significantly less illegal dumping happening because would-be offenders don’t see piles of garbage to add to.
  • Residents not only commented to management about the improvement but are doing a better job themselves of taking their unwanted bulk items to the proper location for removal.
  • Residents can now enjoy the beauty of their residence.
  • Management can exactly account for the cost of removal of bulk items on an annual basis.

Unlimited bulk item hauling provided by Wastexperts is one of the ways in which we ensure a seamless waste program that ultimately provides a cleaner, safer, and happier place to call work or home. Contact us for more information or to request a free quote.

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