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Success Story: Odor Control Equipment for Fly and Odor Problems

One of our clients in San Francisco has a mid-rise apartment complex that has 186 units in a 9-story building. There are two trash rooms with chutes coming from the upper levels. Each room has two trash dumpsters and two recycling bins. The ground floor trash rooms and the resident chute rooms on the upper levels had little to no ventilation and no odor control equipment.

Overwhelming Trash Room Odor

With little to no ventilation in any of the trash rooms and the chute rooms, the property was experiencing complaints of pungent smell. The parking garage where the ground floor trash rooms and bins are located smelled terrible and were infested with fruit flies. Since this property is a mid rise with chutes, the stench and fruit flies carried up through the trash chutes and into the chute rooms where residents disposed their garbage. Residents became unhappy with the smell and as a result would refuse to fully enter and properly dispose of their waste. This resulted in trash buildup on the floors, an increase in smell and complaints, and a happy home for fruit flies.

Our Odor Control Equipment Solution

Odor Control Equipment to Remove Dumpster Room Smells

To solve this problem, WasteXperts knew to work from the bottom up! WasteXperts furnished and installed one Clean Air ActUVator trash room odor removal system in each ground floor trash room. The Clean Air ActUVator purifies the air using hydroxyl technology by UV photolysis. It eliminates odors associated with garbage and is ideal for buildings that struggle with unpleasant odors produced in their trash, recycling, or compost room. It sanitizes the air in rooms of up to 14,000 cubic feet by recirculating it through its internal UV light sources. In addition to the installation of the Clean Air ActUVator, WasteXperts provided a power washing of each chute to remove any gunk and grime that may have been putting off odors and housing flies.

Pleasing Results

Following the power washing of the chutes and installation of the Clean Air ActUVators, the WasteXperts team notified the property of completion. Within an hour, the property had responded stating they had already noticed a decrease in smell. Within a week the smell and fruit flies had been eliminated. Residents stopped complaining about smells and started using the trash room chutes the way they should.

Wastexperts continues to provide a quarterly trash chute power wash at this location and equipment maintenance. The client requested installation of Clean Air ActUVators at additional locations.

More Info About Our Odor Control Equipment

Although it may seem like magic, the Clean Air ActUVator is the result of years of research into effective air purification to reduce airborne bacteria, germs, and viruses. Our UV odor control equipment takes care of smelly trash room odors better than any other solution. To learn more or to get a quote, contact us here.

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