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Why WasteXperts?

For over three decades, WasteXperts has believed that protecting the environment through recycling is more than just the right thing to do — it can also be the most cost effective and sustainable.

That’s why we became an advocate, both for the environment and our clients.

We’ve continuously worked to perfect the process behind waste and recycling programs, working on-site to manage all your needs.

With on-site management, we are committed to providing triple bottom line (TBL) value to our clients and communities, where all stakeholders (Social, Environmental and Economic) benefit.

Our programs adhere to municipal regulations, improve recycling, save maintenance time, and reduce collection expenses
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Our Services

Trash Recycling Management

From breaking down cardboard and running the compactor to keeping trash rooms clean and organized, we also coordinate services with your hauler, reduce fees and fines, and comply with municipal ordinances.
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On-Site Recycling

With a Green Bag Program for compostable waste, a Blue Bag Program for easy recycling, and on-site sorting that complies with local ordinances, we also provide educational materials that ensure your tenants and staff are on board.
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Maintenance Support

Property Maintenance teams are at capacity.  Let us help by staging bins, operating the compactor, hauling bulk items, managing the chute room and pressure washing trash rooms and enclosures. We ensure your property’s waste and recycling system runs smoothly.
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Environmental Services

Environmental impact is a vital aspect of your property with potentially significant ramifications. Find out where you stand with our environmental reporting using the EPA’s WARM model, waste characterizations, and LEED audits.
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Resident Review

Silver Creek Condo Association
This company consistently has the most hardworking crew I have ever seen. They are always hard at work every time they are on the property. Also is very impressive how their trucks always look so neat and clean.“
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How WasteXperts Reduced Waste Disposal Expenses 24%

This apartment complex in Woodland Hills, California is a five-floor mid-rise apartment complex with 395 units, three trash rooms, and trash chute rooms on each floor. WasteXperts helped this property reduce waste disposal expenses by $61,000 per year.
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