What to Ask Your Waste Management Company

It may be tempting to think that all waste management companies are created equal. Nothing could be further from the truth. In actuality, waste management companies all offer unique value propositions, differing in their standards of eco-friendliness and sustainability, their levels of service, and their capacity to help you save money by reducing waste disposal costs.

When selecting a new waste management company, then, it’s only right to ask a few probing questions, assessing the unique value that the company can provide you. As for what you should ask, we have a few suggestions.

Key Questions for Waste Management Services

1) What are my scheduling options?

Do you need pickup twice weekly, as opposed to just once? And do you need to ensure pick upon a particular day of the week (for example, the day after your business receives new shipments or deliveries)? Be sure the waste management company can accommodate your scheduling needs, offering you some flexibility.

2) What types of disposal units do you provide?

For larger business facilities, as well as apartment complexes, it may be necessary to have a number of larger disposal units and dumpsters. Ask for clarity about just what types of units will be provided for your site.

3) What’s included in waste pickup?

Is the company just going to haul off your trash? Will they also do recycling? What about on-site sorting and cleanup? It’s good to know exactly what spectrum of service you’re getting.

4) How will you help my maintenance/environmental services team?

A good waste management company will make life easier for your on-site facilities maintenance team, whether by offering sorting, colored bag programs, clean-up and organization, or something else. Always ask how the waste management company will work in tandem with your in-house team.

5) Where does my waste go?

With landfill space increasingly crowded and scarce, it’s only natural to ask where your waste gets hauled to… especially if you’re trying to meet sustainability goals.

6) How will you help me reduce waste?

A waste management service should be able to provide you with some creative and practical ways to reduce waste generation at your facility. Inquire about things like waste audits and recycling programs.

7) How will you help me save money?

It’s always important to ask how much the waste management service is going to cost, but more to the point, we recommend asking how the service can help you save. At WasteXperts, we take pride in helping all of our clients minimize waste while also containing waste management costs.

Get a Quote from WasteXperts

Ready to learn more about what sets WasteXperts apart, or to find out how we can help your business or apartment complex reduce waste and save money? We’d love to answer any questions you have; additionally, we’re happy to prepare a quote. Contact us whenever you’re ready to learn more.

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