Sustainable Resolutions for Your Small Business

Today’s customers are increasingly concerned about environmental stewardship and sustainability. Simply put, the average consumer wants to know that the businesses they support are doing their part to curb climate change, to minimize waste, and to exhibit ecological responsibility.

As a result,more and more businesses are advocating for sustainable practices… but of course, sustainability involves a lot more than just talk. To really make an impact, it’s important for businesses to adopt practical solutions.

That may sound like a daunting prospect, especially for smaller businesses with more modest budgets. Fortunately, there are plenty of small steps your company can take to demonstrate care for the environment. And the New Year’s resolution season is as good a time as any to make some of these practical changes.

Consider just a few of our favorite sustainability-related resolutions.

Emphasizing Sustainability at Your Small Business

1) Rethink your waste management process.

An audit of your waste management process can reveal some inefficiencies (and potentially some regulatory violations, as well.) Consider bringing in a waste management company to review your current processes and to recommend some changes that help you reduce waste, improve your recycling processes, and ultimately save some money.

2) Address food waste.

Most small businesses generate at least some organic waste, even if it’s just food leftover in the employee break room. Make sure you have some options for employees to dispose of their food waste without just tossing it into a trash can. Whether you donate unused food or simply create a compost area, resolve to eliminate food waste at your place of business.

3) Eliminate single-use plastics.

Plastic waste is just as serious, and just as commonplace, as food waste. Resolve to eliminate single-use plastics at your place of business. Consider plastic products currently used in your bathroom or kitchen area, as well as the packaging you use to send products to customers.

4) Think about e-waste.

Small businesses often burn through phones, tablets, and computers pretty quickly. Rather than just tossing these into a landfill, make sure you’re recycling them so that their circuitry can be reused. Simply educating your employees about e-waste recycling, perhaps even placing signage throughout your building, can go a long way.

5) Offer flexible working hours.

You can always resolve to curb harmful environmental emissions… and one of the simplest ways to do so is to offer flexible work options, allowing employees to work from home for at least part of the week. By reducing the need to drive into the physical workplace, you can help your employees reduce their own carbon emissions.

Alternatively, if you work in a more urban area, you might consider subsidizing or incentivizing a bike-to-work program.

Resolve to Put Sustainability First

Whether you aspire to be a triple bottom line business or you simply want to do a better job managing waste, there are simple resolutions you can make at any time. Consider some of these options to improve your small business sustainability efforts. And with questions about recycling or effective waste management, reach out to WasteXperts for a quote.

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