Reduce Plastic Waste in Your Office

During the course of any given week, even small offices can generate copious amounts of waste. One of the most problematic examples is the sheer volume of single-use plastics that the typical office goes through. From break room utensils to office supplies, there are countless examples of single-use plastics in the office setting, and sadly, all too many of these plastics wind up hogging landfill space.

The good news is that, by following a few simple strategies, your team can significantly scale back its contributions to the plastic waste problem. Here are some minor changes that can make a major impact on behalf of the environment.

Ways to Reduce Your Reliance on Single-Use Plastics

1) Stock sustainable items in your kitchen or break room.

Do your employees use shared kitchen supplies for meal time, snacks, or celebratory treats? If so, stop buying single-use plastic plates and cutlery, and instead stockpile some utensils, glasses, mugs, and metal straws.

2) Look for green office supplies

Your team probably goes through huge amounts of ink, paper, and other office supplies each month. An important step toward a greener office is sourcing suppliers that provide minimalist or sustainable packaging materials. In particular, seek suppliers that are committed to stamping out single-use plastics.

3) Provide your team members with reusable thermoses.

Do your team members cycle through a number of single-use plastic water bottles each day? By making a small investment in reusable water bottles, you can empower your personnel to make more eco-friendly decisions.

4) Prohibit single-use plastics.

While it may sound like an extreme measure, there may be some merit to imposing an office policy against single-use plastics. Putting it in writing helps everyone, from leaders to regular team members, stay accountable for your company’s environmental goals.

5) Start an office recycling program.

Something else to consider is that, while throwing away single-use plastics is a huge disservice to the environment, recycling them can be considerably more eco-friendly. Around nine out of 10 plastics are thrown in with the garbage rather than recycled, but you can help change that simply by providing your employees with an office recycling program. This means installing easy-to-access recycling bins, providing some signage and instructions about what can be recycled, and of course partnering with a reputable recycling management partner.

Choose WasteXperts for Your Recycling Management Needs

At WasteXperts, we love partnering with businesses looking to reduce their plastic waste generation. We provide recycling management programs designed to help you meet your environmental goals while also saving money. We’d love to tell you more. Contact WasteXperts to set up a consultation.

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