How to Recycle While Traveling

Summer vacation season is rapidly approaching, and the time to start planning is now. Beyond booking hotels and budgeting for travel expenses, it’s also important to think ahead about your sustainability efforts.

Simply put, traveling tends to be a wasteful activity. In particular, it generates a lot of plastic waste, from fast food containers to single-use toiletry items. Fortunately, there are ways for you to make recycling a priority, even while you’re outside of your normal comfort zone.

Tips to Recycle While on Vacation

Here are a few suggestions from the WasteXperts team.

Invest in a Good Water Bottle

One of the single biggest sources of travel-related plastic waste is the disposable water bottle. You’ll definitely need to stay hydrated while you travel, but you don’t have to clog the landfills while you do so. Instead, invest now in a travel water bottle that you can refill at airports, hotels, and other public water fountains or filling stations.

Bring a Bag for Your Recyclables

When you’re traveling, particularly by car, it’s all too tempting to just toss all your refuse into a trashcan. Taking the time to separate your recyclables, placing them in their own bag or small bin, can be a hugely important way to minimize waste. You may be able to find a public recycling bin where you can empty the bag, or simply wait until you get back home and dump it all in with your other recyclables.

Get Travel Utensils

Another major source of plastic waste is single-use cutlery. A simple way to avoid this waste: Buy a couple of sets of travel cutlery which you can wash and reuse throughout your trip. Also, to the best of your ability, try to eat in places that use real plates and bowls instead of plastic or Styrofoam stuff.

Don’t Discard Dead Batteries

Over the course of your trip, you may blow through a few batteries, whether for a phone, flashlight, or some other electronic device. Rather than tossing them into the garbage, save them, bring them home with you, then check into your state’s guidelines for battery disposal.

Use Digital Ticketing Whenever You Can

Whether you’re boarding a plane or heading to the theater, you’re likely to have your fair share of tickets to deal with during your vacation. Try to use electronic ticketing whenever you can, as opposed to printing your tickets or having them mailed to your home. Anything you can do to cut paper waste can ultimately help keep our landfills clean!

Put Sustainability First as You Travel

Sustainability isn’t just something you think about when you’re at home. It’s something you can pursue while you’re traveling, too. Make sure recycling and environmental stewardship are top priorities during your next vacation. And for more tips on living an eco-friendly life, follow along at the WasteXperts blog!

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