How to Get Rid of Biohazardous Waste

Communities in both urban and suburban areas frequently have to deal with the issues of sharps waste and hazardous materials found in their waste streams. There are proper ways to dispose of this material. The question often comes up – what’s the right way to get rid of biohazardous waste when you find sharps or medical waste already in the trash or on your property?

Biohazards Found in the Garbage and Common Areas

WasteXperts will Get Rid of Biohazardous Waste found in the Waste Stream
How should you get rid of biohazardous waste when sharps or other hazardous waste is found in the garbage?

At many of our clients’ properties, WasteXperts teams often find medical waste, syringes, and other biohazard material that have been dumped in their garbage bins and around their properties.

  • The safety concern is paramount. Sharps and hazardous waste are a safety issue for both residents and staff while on the property.
  • When garbage bins are contaminated by hazardous or sharps waste, they cannot be serviced by the garbage hauler by law.
  • Trash volumes will increase on the property until the sharp or hazardous waste is properly removed.
  • This can result in citations and even fines from city or county officials.
  • Hazardous materials are not acceptable in the trash, recycling, or compost stream.
  • If materials are NOT removed from the waste stream, this may result in city fines and/or suspension of services by the garbage hauler

WasteXperts’ Customized Biohazards Solution

WasteXperts created a new Biohazardous Waste Disposal Program, currently as a pilot program in San Francisco, that helps our client properties get rid of biohazardous waste. While performing our regular Trash and Recycling Management services, our certified experts remove the biohazards found on the property or in the waste stream and dispose of it properly. This new program offered by WasteXperts has allowed our properties to have a one-stop shop for all their waste issues including the proper removal of sharps and biohazard waste.  

  • Properties have confidence using WasteXperts to dispose of hazardous material because they use licensed and certified staff to ensure proper disposal.
  • The property has been better able to ensure the safety of their residents and staff.
  • Trash service is not being interrupted by hazardous material in the waste stream for extended amounts of time.
  • Residents feel more confident about putting their waste into receptacles knowing they will not be exposed to hazardous material in doing so.  
  • Residents are made aware that dumping of hazardous material is illegal through material posted around trash enclosures and become more likely of disposing of the waste correctly on their own.

The Biohazard Waste Disposal Program provided by WasteXperts is one of the ways that we ensure a seamless waste program that ultimately provides a cleaner, safer, and happier place to call work or home. If you need help to get rid of biohazardous waste at your property, contact WasteXperts for a consultation and quote

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