How Recycling Benefits Your Apartment Complex

In a previous post, we shared a few suggestions for building a recycling program in your apartment complex, and for encouraging more and more tenants to participate. Today, we’re going to outline some of the benefits your apartment complex can anticipate when it makes recycling a property-wide or building-wide priority.

Financial Benefits

While there are costs associated with starting and maintaining a recycling program, these costs are offset by some significant financial upsides. Consider:

●      You’ll lower the cost of trash pickup. When more people recycle their glass or plastic, it means less volume in your dumpsters. This may ultimately translate into less frequent trash pickups, and to notable cost savings for your complex.

●      You’ll avoid regulatory fines and penalties. Starting a recycling program can also help to ensure your apartment complex is fully compliant with local ordinances, potentially netting additional savings.

●      You’ll use up less landfill space. Something else to keep in mind is that, as landfills become increasingly full, disposal costs go up for everyone. As such, diverting waste from the landfill is a small yet significant way in which you can play a part in keeping disposal costs down across the board.

Tenant Retention Benefits

In addition to direct cost- and savings-benefits, there are also some benefits related to tenant retention. For example:

●      You’ll provide an eco-friendly amenity. Today, consumers are more attuned to environmental concerns than ever before. Being able to list ecological stewardship among your amenities can bean incredible draw, and potentially give you an edge over apartments that lack robust recycling programs.

●      You’ll ensure a cleaner apartment complex. Again, a recycling program will dramatically reduce dumpster volume, which can in turn reduce the risk of your dumpsters and garbage cans overflowing. It all adds up to a cleaner, more appealing space for your residents to call home.

●      You’ll build community. Inviting everyone to participate in your recycling program, and to work toward shared eco-goals, can be a powerful way to build camaraderie and neighborliness within your complex.

Of course,it’s important to emphasize that these financial benefits and the more social benefits go hand-in-hand: By attracting and retaining happy residents, you’ll ultimately improve your bottom line, even as you reduce some of the costs associated with waste management.

Choose WasteXperts for Your Recycling Program

One more thing: Working with the right recycling management partner can help you maximize these financial benefits. At WasteXperts, we have decades of experience helping apartment complexes reduce waste while saving money. We’d love to provide a custom audit and strategy to help you determine the best ways to optimize your recycling program. Reach out when you’d like to get the ball rolling!

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