Home Improvements That Help the Environment

There are plenty of reasons to update your home: Creating more space, increasing comfort and usability, enhancing your property values, or simply augmenting your aesthetics.

Still another reason to update your home is environmental stewardship. Some of the most popular home improvement options allow you to conserve water and make better, more efficient use of your electrical power. Such improvements not only reduce your environmental footprint but may also lower your monthly utility bills.

Which Home Improvements Help the Environment?

As you consider home improvements that benefit the environment, here are a few recommendations.


●      Energy-efficient appliance updates. Your big household appliances (think the fridge, the washing machine, and the dishwasher) tend to consume a lot of energy throughout the day. This is especially true if you’re working with older, out of date units. Most of the major brands now offer plenty of energy efficient options, so making the switch shouldn’t be too tough. And if your budget’s a little tight right now, maybe start smaller, simply switching from incandescent to LED bulbs.

●      A home garden. Do you have a green thumb? If you love spending time in the soil, consider making space for a garden outside your house. Not only can this be therapeutic, but cultivating your own plant life can improve the nearby air quality and provide a safe haven for important pollinators.

●      Compost. A home compost pile can also help reduce your environmental impact, providing a responsible way for you to reuse organic waste (rather than tossing it all into a landfill). As an added bonus, composting can greatly improve the health of your soil, making this a good option to pair with the home garden.

●      Solar panel installation. If you live in a part of the country that gets consistent sunlight each day, you may benefit from solar panels. These panels capture natural, renewable energy from the sun, store it in a battery, and convert it into electricity that you can use to power your home… reducing your dependence on traditional utilities.

●      Reusing or recycling materials. For any home addition or renovation, there are always opportunities to reuse older materials, whether that’s relying on recycled lumber or reusing older furniture. Always be sure you find a contractor who can guide you in eco-friendly decision-making.

Go Green with Your Home Improvements

Next time you plan a home improvement project, consider ways to emphasize sustainability. With any questions about waste management, recycling, or environmental concerns in general, reach out to WasteXperts today.

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