Celebrate Earth Day All Year Long

Each year, we collectively set aside one day to celebrate the beauty of our planet, and to labor toward greater ecological stewardship. Earth Day comes at the end of every April and is celebrated by millions of people worldwide; in fact, it’s the most widely observed secular celebration in the world.

We’re big fans of Earth Day. In fact, our only complaint is that the preservation of our planet is far too important to relegate to just one day out of every year. Thankfully, there are plenty of options to uphold the tenets of Earth Day no matter the time or season. Here are some examples.

Celebrating Earth Day Across the Calendar

1) Plant a tree.

There’s no way to go wrong with trees. Not only will you be adding some natural greenery, but you’ll also be increasing the oxygen supply, protecting wildlife, and potentially investing in beauty that will last for generations.

2) Collect garbage.

Another option: Gather your family or a group of friends to spend a couple of hours picking up litter. Choose a roadside (be safe!), a public park, a school playground, or any other area where you’ve noticed a buildup of trash.

3) Start composting.

Rather than tossing your organic waste into the garbage can, use it to start a compost pile, instead. Collecting and composting food waste not only saves landfill space, but it can also be used to enrich the soil around your home or in your garden.

4) Cancel all your paper bills.

Still getting a lot of physical mail that ultimately ends up in the garbage can? Take just a few minutes to go through all your bills and change them to digital-only. That’s a very minor step that can boast a significant long-term impact.

5) Cut down on your commute.

Are you able to bike or walk instead of jumping into your car? If so, try to do so with greater frequency. And if that’s not an option, consider other ways to reduce your carbon emissions, whether by taking public transportation or by carpooling.

6) Visit the farmer’s market.

Or, more broadly, try to spend more of your grocery budget on locally sourced foods, cutting back on the wasteful pollution that comes from food shipping and distribution.

Keep Earth Day Year-Round

Earth Day is too important to relegate to once-a-year-status. Thankfully, it’s easy to embody the spirit of environmental responsibility each and every day. Try out some of these ideas and continue the conversation by following along with the WasteXperts blog.

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