5 Ways to Improve Waste & Recycling at Your Apartment Complex

When you’re the owner or manager of an apartment complex, maintaining an effective waste and recycling program should be a top priority. Doing so helps keep your entire community feeling clean, hygienic, and pleasant to live in. It can help distinguish you from other, less tidy communities, and maybe even bolster your ecological bona fides. In short, it can boost resident satisfaction and maybe even translate to more interest from prospective renters.

There’s plenty that you can do to make your waste and recycling management program as smooth and seamless as can be. First and foremost, schedule a consultation with WasteXperts; we’d be glad to take a look at your current program and to recommend some areas for improvement. Beyond that, here are a few pointers that can be implemented at any apartment complex.

Tips to Improve Your Waste & Recycling Program

1) Provide separate containers and clear instructions.

Be sure that each waste disposal area in your community has separate containers, clearly marked to indicate their intended use. For example, you may have a dumpster for general waste, another for glass, and still another for plastic and cardboard. These containers should be labeled with clear, succinct guidelines. Also consider providing guidelines in other forms; for example, you can include information in your new resident information packets.

2) Maintain the waste corral area.

If you want residents to use the trash and recycling corrals, it’s imperative to keep them nice and tidy. Make sure your maintenance team checks them regularly. Also verify that you have enough trash corrals for the size of your facility; a build-up of refuse may stem from inadequate resources.

3) Create a sorting area.

If you have the space for it, provide a table or general work area where residents can break down their cardboard or separate their materials. Again, be sure you provide clear instruction about how the recycling process works, making it as easy as possible for your residents to be thoughtful recyclers.

4) Indicate the items that can’t be recycled or thrown away.

An important way to keep your corral area from getting too cluttered is to expressly prohibit things like hazardous materials, old mattresses, or furniture over a certain size. You might provide your residents with signage indicating the nearest public waste disposal facility, recommending they haul away any items that are too big for your bins.

5) Ensure the best waste and recycling management service.

A good waste and recycling management partner does more than just pick up your trash once a week. They should also be willing to work with you to audit your waste management needs and to determine the best strategy for improving the options.

If you’re looking for a waste and recycling management company to enhance your apartment’s options, reach out to WasteXperts. We’d love to tell you more about options to reduce costs, minimize waste, and create a more pleasant environment for your residents.

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