5 Benefits of an Apartment Complex Recycling Program

A robust recycling program can benefit your apartment complex in a number of ways, offering advantages for the environment, for the greater community, and for individual residents. Consider just five sweet perks to instituting a recycling program in your multifamily complex.

5 Reasons to Start an Apartment Complex Recycling Program

1) It saves money.

Believe it or not, adding a recycling program can considerably lower your community’s waste bills. Properly separating your recyclables from your garbage can reduce the risk of contamination, saving you from burdensome processing fees. And of course, lowering the volume in your waste bins means you’ll need trash pickup less frequently, allowing you to renegotiate your terms with your current waste management vendor.

2) It promotes cleanliness.

Having designated bins for recycling can also reduce the overflow from your waste bins and prevent you from having garbage strewn about the garbage compactor area. The bottom line: A recycling program can provide you with a complex that looks well-maintained and user-friendly, which makes it a more pleasant place to live.

3) It helps attract new tenants.

Not only does a recycling program make life better for your current residents; it can sweeten the deal for prospective residents, as well. Today’s consumers are increasingly eco-conscious, and being able to boast about your recycling program can help give you an edge over other multifamily communities in your area. In other words, recycling programs are key amenities that you can highlight as part of your community's sales pitch.

4) It empowers your maintenance team.

How many hours does your maintenance team devote each week to picking up trash or sorting through waste? A well-defined recycling program will empower residents to handle their own refuse, which in turn empowers maintenance to spend more time handling work orders and making improvements to the building and grounds.

5) It minimizes your environmental footprint.

Finally, and perhaps most obviously, a recycling program is an important way to steward the environment, minimizing your community’s landfill contributions. Many businesses are seeking practical ways to demonstrate their ecological bona fides, and real estate businesses are no exception. Putting a recycling program in place can be a straight forward way to achieve some of your green objectives.

Start a Recycling Program at Your Multifamily Complex

Ready to reap the considerable benefits of a recycling program? The first step is choosing a trusted vendor to help with your recycling management and pickups. We’d love to tell you more about the value that WasteXperts can bring. Contact us whenever you’re ready to chat.

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