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Sample Client List


I wanted to thank you for the positive results that Prometheus Real Estate Group continues to
enjoy thanks to your team at Wastexperts. We have been using your company’s services since
2009 and enjoying the reduction in our trash expense. On average, for the sites that you provide
Janitorial service for us, we save about 10-20% on our trash expense, annually, plus we have the
added benefit of complying with State Laws related to recycling. Thank you for reducing our
costs and liability!
Additionally, with Wastexperts’ help in managing our trash vendors, our maintenance team
spends less time maintaining our trash enclosures and pulling/pushing bins; this allows them
more time to maintain the properties. Whenever I ask my teams “how’s Wastexperts doing?” I
am always surprised by the passionate outbursts of gratitude and appreciation of having your
teams on site. “They are great.” “I love them.” “It’s so much better now.”
Lastly, I appreciate your integrity. Sure, occasionally there are stumbles in service; we are
humans. What defines us and defines our companies is how we recover from those missteps. I am
always impressed with how you and your company respond to a bump in the road.


Mary Nitschke, Director of Ancillary Services, Prometheus Real Estate