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About Wastexperts

Our Story

  • Established in 1992
  • Current locations include California and Washington
  • Members of California Apartment Association (CAA), Washington Multi-Family Housing Association (WMFHA) and National Apartment Association (NAA)

Wastexperts Inc was founded in 1992. Its founder, David Lentz, realized back then that recycling was and still is becoming more of a focal point for our communities and society. Originally starting out as not more than a janitorial services company geared towards increasing recycling, Wastexperts has evolved over the past 20 years to adapt to the changing times and needs of the marketplace and its clients.

Today, Wastexperts has the capability and expertise to handle all facets of a clients waste /recycle challenges and needs.

Still utilizing and focusing on its roots of increasing recycling, Wastexperts has become a premier solutions provider for waste diversion. By incorporating the array of services now offered by Wastexperts, our clients are able to remain fluid, dynamic and competitive in an ever-changing marketplace of municipality laws and regulations.   We invite to you review the various services offered.

With offices in California and Washington, Wastexperts has been able to show our clients a combined total annual savings of more than One Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($1,500,000) and still growing. The amazing part is that this savings is INCLUSIVE of any Wastexperts fees.